Engaged in long-term partnerships

We provide customized technical solutions and help you find the right component.

Cooperation with 50+ suppliers

The sooner you get involved with us, the sooner we will get answers from our manufacturers about technical solutions, MOQ, prices and delivery times. We work with 50+ suppliers and can deliver exactly what you need.

Our strengths

Our strengths

  • A wide range of passive and thermal components.

  • Technical expertise in passive and thermal components that makes us an important partner in HW development.

  • We ensure the delivery of quality components with warehouses in both Oslo and Hong Kong.

  • We represent 50+ suppliers of passive and thermal components

  • We have a mix of high-end manufacturers where quality is the most important.

  • Competitive products from manufacturers with smaller and specialized product lines.

  • We work closely with our customers to ensure the best solutions.

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