SMD Common Mode Coils

Coilmaster is now introducing three new products with SMD Common Mode coils for a DC power line.

SMM1211 serien: 12.5x11.3x6.4mm

(Equivalent to the TDK ACM1211 series)

Impedance: from 80Ω to 2.7kΩ
Nominal current: from 2 to 10A
DCR: from 2 to 26mΩ
Usage range from -40 to +125°C

SMM9070 serien: 9.5x7.5x4.8mm

(Equivalentto the TDK ACM9070 series)

Impedance: from 225Ω to 2.7kΩ
Nominal current: from 2 to 6A
DCR: from 6 to 86mΩ
Usage rangefrom -40 to +125°C

SMM7060 serien: 7.5x6.0x3.8mm

(Equivalentto the TDK ACM7060 series)

Impedance: from 40Ω to 1.3kΩ
Nominal current: from 2.5 to 15A
DCR: from 5 to 21mΩ
Usage rangefrom -40 to +125°C